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Sept 07th
Opening Session (auditori room)
Sept 07th
Sept 07th
Web Map Printing with GeoExt
Andreas Hocevar (OpenGeo)

GeoExt and MapFish Client components - how to migrate
Till Adams (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

Where's MapFish going?
Éric Lemoine (Camptocamp
Geospatial Departement

Mobile Augmented Reality using FOSS
Sophia Parafina (OpenGeo)

New functionalities in gvSIG Mobile 1.0
Javier Carrasco (Prodevelop. gvSIG Association.)

A comparison of GIS mobile applications
Miguel Montesinos (PRODEVELOP)

Building a New Generation of Sensor Web Implementations for Hydrology
Simon Jirka (52° North)

How to Discover Sensors in the Sensor Web?
Simon Jirka (University of Muenster)

OpenLayers: SOS and INSPIRE
Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS)

Vertical Datums: Introduction and Software Review
Frank Warmerdam (OSGeo)

istSOS: Sensor Observation Service in Python
Massimiliano Cannata (SUPSI)

A typification of Open Source web mapping client software and frameworks
Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup GmbH & Co. KG)

Using Open Source Software in GIS Training and Education
Iraklis Karampourniotis (Aristotle University Thessaloniki
Rural and Surveying Engineering

Interactive METEOSAT: Educational platform for meteorological applications entirely developed with FLOSS software
Vasile Craciunescu (Meteo Romania & ASRC
Remote Sensing & GIS Laboratory

Why Schools must use FOSS4G
Ricardo Pinho (CM Oliveira de Azeméis)

OSGeo Live Lightening Overview

T-02: PyWPS a tutorial for beginners and developers
J. Cepicky (Help Service - Remote Sensing ltd. )

Sept 07th
OSGeo Annual General Meeting - AGM (auditori room)
Sept 08th
Plenary Session (auditori room)
Sept 08th
Sept 08th
Enhancing the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) with Open Source Software
Cristiano Giovando (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
Insitute for Environment and Sustainability

Flexible, Open, Free: The New OGC WCS 2.0 and its Reference Implementation
Peter Baumann (Jacobs University)

Comparison of SOS-Servers: 52°North, UMN and deegree
Mayer Christian (terrestris GmbH & Co KG)

SOS vs. WFS – Coupling 52° North’s Sensor Observation Service and Geoserver‘s Web Feature Service
Carsten Hollmann (University of Muenster
Institute for Geoinformatics

Shortest path search for real road networks with pgRouting
Anton Patrushev (Georepublic)

An extension of PGRouting library functions for visibility-graph-based course calculations in a Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS)
Angela Pappagallo (Intecs S.p.A.)

Case Study: Upgrading Guatemala's SDI portal to a GeoNode
Byron Bobadilla (Secretaria de Planificacion y Programacion de la Presidencia SEGEPLAN

Proprietary to FOSS: MapServer as a key component in the map distribution infrastructure of the Norwegian SDI
Pål Kristensen (Norwegian Mapping Authority)

Geospatial layers and features: from virtual base classes to platforms for planning and modeling
Ari Jolma (Aalto University School of Science and Technology)

Comparison of GRASS-LiDAR modules and TerraScan in ground and vegetation filtering
Sara Lucca (Politecnico di Milano - Polo di Como)

A FOSS4G model to estimate forest exploitation methods and biomass availability for renewable energy production
Pietro Zambelli (University of Trento
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sept 08th
The State of PostGIS
Paul Ramsey (OpenGeo)

Running long and complex processes with PostGIS
Vincent Picavet (Oslandia)

PostGIS meets the third dimension
Olivier Courtin (Oslandia)

GeoServer CSS - Mapping in Style
David Winslow (Open Plans)

GeoServer cartographic rendering: new features for map makers
Andrea Aime (OpenGeo)

Graphical style editing with Styler: Make a basemap without seeing SLD
Mike Pumphrey (OpenGeo)

The New Time Series Toolbox - Next Generation of Sensor Web and Time Series Processing
Bojan Bozic (Austrian Institute of Technology
Safety & Security

WMS Inspector: a Firefox add-on with tools for working with Web Map Services
Adrià Mercader (Geodata Sistemas)

Performance and statistical analysis of WMS servers
Pirmin Kalberer (Sourcepole)

Natural Earth – Free World Base Map
Nathaniel Kelso (The Washington Post)

The World Meteorological Oganization Information System
Timo Proescholdt (World Meteorological Organization)

ecoRelevé: An open source response to the biodiversity crisis
Olivier Coullet (Natural Solutions)

FOS GIS and FOS simulation: Free open source analysis and simulation of housing markets
Harald Schernthanner (Geography department)

Can WFS-T replace SQL?
Hugo De Groot (Alterra, Wageningen University and Research Centre
Centre for Geo-information

Developing a Line-of-Sight Based Algorithm for Urban Street Network Generalization
Wen-Chieh (jeffrey) Wang (Chaoyang University of Technology
Landscape and Urban Planning

Potential distribution of the tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus in Northern Italy derived from reconstructed MODIS Land Surface Temperature maps
Markus Neteler (Fondazione Edmund Mach
GIS and Remote Sensing Unit

T-01: gvSIG Mobile and Mini tutorial
J. Carrasco, A. Romeu (PRODEVELOP)

T-08: How to generate billions of tiles using distributed cloud-computing
O. Christen, C. Moullet, F. Van Der Biest (Camptocamp SA )

Sept 08th
Sept 08th
Introducing PostGIS WKT Raster: Seamless raster/vector operations in a spatial database
Pierre Racine (University Laval
Centre d'étude de la forêt

PostGIS WKT Raster. An Open Source alternative to Oracle GeoRaster
Jorge Arévalo (Deimos Space
Internet & Mobility Section

State of Ingres geospatial 2010
Andrew Ross (Ingres)

INSPIRE Geoportal a platform for INSPiRE services
Gianluca Luraschi (European Commission - JRC)

Implementing INSPIRE with FOSS4G: a Success Story
Just van den Broecke (Just Objects B.V.)

Applied SDI in Germany - Complying with INSPIRE
Arnulf Christl (Metaspatial)

GeoNetwork opensource - The geospatial metadata catalogue
Jeroen Ticheler (GeoCat bv)

Implementation of ISO and OGC (INSPIRE) metadata standards – MEDARD (FOSS) metadata editor and Internet Geoinformation Metadata Platform (IPMGeo)
Leszek Litwin (Institute of Spatial and Cadastral Systems (ISPiK))

Adding custom search engines to OpenLayers with OpenSearch 'geo'
Oscar Fonts (Universitat Jaume I)

GeoSocial, a tool for geospatial analysis and data mining of social networks
Manuel de la Calle (IGO SOFTWARE)

Introduction of flood evacuation route search system?using QGIS,PostGIS,GRASS and PgRouting
Yoichi Kayama (Aero Asahi corporation
Spatial Information Unit Research & Development Center

Real-time position analysis during soccer matches
Oliver May (DFC software engineering)

Drift-X WPS: Pesticide Atmospheric Dispersion Web GIS
Nicolas Bozon (3LIZ)

OGC WMTS and OSGeo TMS standards: motivations, history and differences
Joan Maso (CREAF)

TimeMapper – using animated SVG in a WMS to visualise moving object data
Barend Köbben ( ITC - University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation)

Tuning Principal Component Analysis for GRASS GIS on Multicore and GPU Architectures
Peng Du (University of Tennessee Knoxville
Department of Computer Science

T-03: Building web based GIS applications with GeoExt
P. Giraud (1), A. Hocevar (2), Y. Jacolin (3) ((1) camptocamp, (2) OpenGeo, (3) Camptocamp)

T-11: Standardized Geoprocessing with 52°North Open Source Software
B. Schaeffer (52°North )

Sept 08th
Sept 08th
Tips for the PostGIS Power User
Paul Ramsey (OpenGeo)

Moving from Oracle/ArcGIS to PostGresql/PostGIS
Yves Choquette (Centre for Topographic Information)

What You Type Is What You See: Comparing two web-based open source approaches to display the results of spatial SQL queries
Marc Jansen (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

S3XTANTE, a Java 3D GIS Framework
Diego Gómez (Igosoftware)

3D Web Mapping: yes, we can !
Yves Bolognini (Camptocamp SA)

Comparison of Open Source Virtual Globes
Mathias Walker (Sourcepole AG)

Geomajas: new kid on the block
Pieter De Graef (Geosparc)

deegree project report: past, present, future
Markus Schneider (lat/lon GmbH)

Raster data support in GeoServer and GeoTools: recent achievements, unsolved issues and future developments
Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions S.A.S.)

From the crowd sourcing to the institutional sourcing: a way to cooperate between regional and local administration
Maria Pla (Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya
) Open Source & Online Tools for Old Maps
Petr Pridal (Moravian Library Brno, Czech Republic)

OpenStreetMap-in-a-Box - A Ready-Made Highly Configurable Map Server
Stefan Keller (Univ. of Applied Sciences Rapperswil Computer Science)

MiraMon Map Browser differential characteristics and functionalities and the experience releasing it in the “”
Nuria Julia (CREAF (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Introduction to Boost Geometry Library
Mateusz Loskot (Cadcorp Ltd.)

Developing Cadastral Web Services with Free and Open Source Geospatial Software
Cemre Yilmaz (Karadeniz Technical University )

Accounting for Geospatial Uncertainties in an Energy - Air Quality Decision Support Tool
Ulrich Leopold (Public Research Centre Henri Tudor
Resources Centre for Environmental Technologies

Geoinformation analysis for Conservation: experiences with OSS in the Natural Parks of Barcelona
Agustín Lobo (Institut de Ciencies de la Terra "Jaume Almera" (CSIC))

WMS Shootout (Benchmarking)

T-04: Mastering advanced GeoNetwork
J. Ticheler, J. Garcia, H. Doeleman (GeoCat)

Sept 08th
Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Foro Ibérico y Latinoamericano de OGC (OGC ILAF)
Joan Capdevila (IGN) y Joan Masó (CREAF)

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Sept 08th
Gala Dinner
Sept 09th
MapProxy -An accelerating proxy for web map services
Oliver Tonnhofer (Omniscale)

TileSeeder; a new tile management tool
Steven Ottens (Geodan)

TileCache,GeowebCache and MapProxy - a technical and usability comparison
Till Adams (terrestris GmbH & Co KG)

GeoServer WPS: an integrated, extensible processing service
Andrea Aime (OpenGeo)

52º North WPS framework with ArcGIS geoprocessing support - Open Source solution meets closed source software
Bastian Schaeffer (52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH
Geoprocessing Community

ZOO Project: The powerful WPS Platform
Gérald FENOY (GeoLabs SARL)

Printing in web mapping application: MapFish print module
Jesse Eichar (Camptocamp SA)

Neo4j Spatial - backing a GIS with a true graph database
Craig Taverner (Amanzi)

Operational use of the Orfeo Tool Box for the Venus Mission
Thomas Feuvrier (CS-SI)

Developing Desktop-like Web GIS Applications with HTML and JavaScript
Alper Dincer (Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Technology Department

Squeeze: Configuring MapServer and KML to Get The Most Out Of Google Earth
Michael Ross (BC Integrated Land Management Bureau
GeoBC Information Management Branch

PostLBS – Universal WebAPI Platform for Visualizing Geospatial Analysis–Routing, Geocoding, Thematic Mapping and More!
Jun Koike (Orkney Inc)

OpenAddresses - geocoded addresses worldwide free and open
Hans-Jörg Stark (FHNW

Evolution of GIS data
Joachim Van der Auwera (Geosparc)

Georeferencing archives with Linked Open Geodata
Jo Walsh (EDINA

T-05: Hands-on Introduction to MapGuide Open Source.
G. Luckett (Arrow Geomatics Inc )

T-10: SDI Best Practices with GeoNode
S. Benthall (1), S. Gill (2) ((1) OpenGeo, (2) World Bank)

Sept 09th
Sept 09th
A WebGIS application to monitor Road Trafic
David JONGLEZ (Capgemini)

GeoCouch: A spatial index for CouchDB
Volker Mische ()

Beyond PostGIS - New developments in Open Source Spatial Databases
Karsten Vennemann (TerraGIS Ltd)

SpatiaLite, the Shapefile of the future?
Pirmin Kalberer (Sourcepole)

International Collaboration on the OSGeo4W Package
Jeff McKenna (Gateway Geomatics)

OSGeo:Open Source Projects and Communities
Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo)

The OGC and its participatory processes: OGCnetwork, open WG, regional Fora and the collaboration with OSGeo
Athina Trakas (Open Geospaial Consortium)

Bridging the Gap Between Open Source Tools and Proprietary Data Sources
Dean Hintz (Safe Software)

Implementing Open Source Tile Caching in a Large Scale US Army Project
Kristofor Carle (Syncadd Systems Inc.
Army (Contractor)

Open Government, Open Data, Open Architecture and Open Source Software GIS Policy for U.S. Army Installation Management: 2010
Jaymes Cloninger (Syncadd Systems Inc.
Army IGI&S

Open source Geospatial Business Intelligence in action with GeoMondrian and SOLAPLayers!
Thierry Badard (Spatialytics)

Protect your GIS
Jesse Eichar (Camptocamp SA)

Authentication and authorization management to OGC services with GeoShield: improvements from FOSS4G 2009
Milan Antonovic (SUPSI)

License and Permission-based access to OGC Web Services with 52°North
Bastian Schaeffer (52º North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH)

Deploying and securing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) with GISpatcher
Stephan Holl (Intevaion GmbH)

Open-source Earthquake and Hydrodynamic Modelling
Duncan Gray (Geoscience Australia)

Building the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas on an Open Source Framework
Stephen Peedell (Joint Research Centre
Global Environment Monitoring Unit

Open Environmental Services Infrastructure
Alejandro Llaves (Institute for Geoinformatics

T-06: First steps with MapFish
P. Mauduit, A. Abt. (Camptocamp France SAS )

T-13: Conquering complex application schemas (INSPIRE Data Themes, GeoSciML, ...) with deegree 3 web services
M. Schneider (lat/lon GmbH )

Sept 09th
Sept 09th
Introducing OpenScales
Sébastien Deleuze (Atos Worldline)

OpenLayers' Future
Tim Schaub (OpenGeo)

Performance Considerations In OpenLayers Based Web Mapping
Andreas Hocevar (OpenGeo)

OSSIM - advanced open source remote sensing
Mark Lucas (Radiantblue technologies Inc
Open Technologies Division

State of the art of FOSS4G for topology and network analysis
Vincent Picavet (Oslandia)

Bringing the raster processing algorithms of the Orfeo Toolbox Monteverdi in QGIS
Emmanuel Christophe (CRISP, National University of Singapore)

Compliance Testing of Open Source software for Web Processing Services
Theodor Foerster (Institute for Geoinformatics
Sensor web, Web-based geoprocessing and Simulation Lab

Introducing deegree 3 WPS
Markus Schneider (lat/lon GmbH)

EnviModel: scientific workflows and WPS geoprocessing for climate change
Riccardo De Filippi (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

A geospatial data collection system for organisations
Neil Penman (IBM)

GeoREST: Open Web Access to Public Geodata Based on Atom Publishing
Haris Kurtagic (SL-King)

Metadata Reloaded – How to profit from INSPIRE
Arnulf Christl (Metaspatial)

GeoNode Architecture: Wrangling $100 million worth of open source software to make SDI building a walk in the park
David Winslow (Open Plans (David Winslow)
Open Plans

Putting things together: Geonetwork opensource, OpenLayers, GeoExt and MapFish under the roof of Drupal CMS - Geoportal RO as an example
Hinrich Paulsen (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

GeoServer, GeoTools, GeoBatch: relying on the “usual suspects” for supporting operational Meteorology and Oceanography
Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions S.A.S.)

T-07: A hands-on introduction to Spatial ETL with GeoKettle
T. Badard (Spatialytics)

T-12: Sensor Web Enablement - Integrating Sensor Data into Spatial Data Infrastructures
S. Jirka (1), A. Bröring (2), E. H. Jürrens (1) ((1) 52° North GmbH, (2) University of Münster - Institute für Geoinformatics)

Sept 09th
Sept 09th
Distributed Spatial Indexing in the Cloud
Schuyler Erle (SimpleGeo)

Hybrid Cloud Computing for FOSS4G
Bastian Schaeffer (52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH
Geoprocessing Community

MapServer Project Status Report
Jeff McKenna (Gateway Geomatics)

Hidden features and useful tips for MapServer powerusers
Stephan Holl (Intevation GmbH)

Integrating SEXTANTE and GRASS
Victor Olaya (Universidad de Extremadura)

GeoCat Bridge - One click data publishing
Jeroen Ticheler (GeoCat )

Semantic Web approach for thematic structuring of geographic objects
Julien barde (IRD (Research for Development Institute), CRHMT

Semantic search in OGC Catalog Services for the Web
Heikki Doeleman (GeoNetwork opensource)

BeETLe project: a free geospatial ETL tool
Cesar Martínez (European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information (ETC-LUSI) / Universitad Autónoma de Barcelona)

GeoKettle: A powerful open source spatial ETL tool
Thierry Badard (Spatialytics)

Sept 09th
Closing Session (auditori room)