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This presentation will provide insight into the access control capabilities for OGC Web Services like WMS, WFS, WPS, and SOS implemented by 52°North’s Security Services. The Open Source Software Initiative 52°North provides services and applications that enable OGC Web Service providers to protect their services from unrestricted access. The building block of this security system is the so-called Web Security Service (WSS). The WSS acts as a gateway to the protected OGC Web Service and receives the service request (e. g. GetMap) together with the authentication information. Based on this information the WSS performs access control by looking up the user’s rights and reacting accordingly: If the user has sufficient rights, it forwards the request to the protected service; otherwise the service request is rejected or modified to match the user permissions.


In addition to basic permission-based scenarios it is possible to set up access policies based on license templates: only those users who accepted a license agreement (electronically) get access to certain resources of a protected service. Together with special license-enabling services, the WSS also accepts license tokens as a proof of a license agreement, concluded between user (licensee) and a licensor of the service. The license token is related to some access policies, e. g. restricted access for commercial users, which are again evaluated by the WSS.

The presentation will cover the general security architecture and technical aspects of the implementation as well as an introduction to the “52°North Security & GeoRM Community”, its work and future plans.



Bastian Schäffer - 52North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH


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