Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics Conference FOSS4G 2010 Barcelona

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Several open source solutions have emerged as effective tools for supporting service-oriented spatial data interoperability. One such tool is GeoServer, which as the OGC reference platform for WFS and through its support for WCS and WMS, provides access to open standards web services to integrate spatial data. One barrier that typically limits wider adoption of powerful tools like GeoServer is that key data remains hidden within proprietary CAD, GIS and other repositories. FME Server, a commercial spatial ETL solution, provides a way to bridge this gap between open source tools and proprietary data sources. This session explores how an integrated GeoServer/FME Server platform provides data integrators with a solution that synthesizes the best of both worlds, allowing virtually any data store to be shared with whomever needs it. We’ll examine how FME Server’s data transformation capabilities enable GeoServer to provide value-added web services, such as data upload, download, validation and streaming, based on data from multiple online sources, including standard OGC services, as well in other formats like GeoJSON, KML and PDF. We’ll also demonstrate how these transformations can support key processes such as attribute or geometry QA and integrity checking, schema mapping and data model transformation (CAD to GIS), coordinate geo-referencing and transformation, vector and raster interaction, and the synthesis of live and baseline data. Attendees will gain a better understanding as to how state-of-the-art open source and proprietary interoperability services can be combined to provide a broad community with a maximum degree of geospatial data access and value-added processing, whatever their platforms or applications of choice are.



Dean Hintz - Safe Software
Chris Holmes - OpenGeo