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This presentation will cover the new WPS implementation in deegree3 in detail. We will demonstrate the easy installation of the service. We will highlight the use of XML, KVP and SOAP requests and explain the range of different input and output parameter types. We will introduce and demonstrate the easy-to-use API for implementing processes.

The deegree3 Web Processing Service (WPS) is a complete implementation of OGC WPS 1.0.0 specification with the following features:

* Easy-to-use API for process implementation that abstracts the WPS protocol details
* Supports KVP, XML and SOAP requests
* Supports all variants of input / output parameters: literal, bbox, complex (binary and xml)
* Streaming access for complex input / output parameters (allows processing of huge amounts of data with minimal memory footprint)
* Supports storing of response documents / output parameters
* Supports input parameters given inline and by reference
* Supports RawDataOutput / ResponseDocument responses
* Supports asynchronous execution (with polling of process execution status)


Markus Schneider - lat/lon GmbH


Download the slides in PDF version