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 The INSPIRE Geoportal is Europe's Internet access point to a collection of geographic data and services within the framework of the infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) Directive. INSPIRE aims at making available relevant, harmonised and quality geographic information to support formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and activities which have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

The INSPIRE Directive requires the Commission to establish a community geoportal, and the Member States shall provide access to their spatial infrastructures through the geoportal as well as, through any access points they themselves decide to operate.

The INSPIRE implementing rules are the major driver of the infrastructure development. Among the Network Services Implementing Rules, Discovery and View services are currently adopted.

The prototype INSPIRE Geoportal aims to provide an operational platform to satisfy the requirements of the directive and implementing rules. The INSPIRE domain model serves as conceptual model to define the most important entities of INSPIRE (as of data, metadata, services) and their relationships. It helps to understand their purpose, context and how they could interact to realize use cases and workflow. In order to make better understandable and readable the INSPIRE model, it is explained by example.

With this work we present the development status of the prototype INSPIRE Geoportal. It is based on open source frameworks and libraries. We describe its architecture and its components.


Gianluca Luraschi - European Commission - JRC
Ioannis Kanellopoulos - European Commission - JRC


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