Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics Conference FOSS4G 2010 Barcelona

T-06:   First steps with MapFish

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 MapFish is an open-source development framework for building web-mapping applications. It is based on the GeoExt library (which is a combination of ExtJS and OpenLayers), and extends the Pylons general-purpose web development framework with geo-specific functionalities. This workshop aims to present the framework, by giving a tour of the different functionalities offered, and a first developer / user experience. These specific topics could be covered :  

- Use cases on real projects (how mapfish can be used ? Why ?)
- Installation (software requirements)
- OpenLayers and GeoExt
- Mapfish widgets (rapid tour, since there are lots of existing components) 
- The MapFish Protocol, server-side aspects (Mapfish server), tools  ...
- Interaction with other development environments (PHP / Symphony, Java, RoR)

  This workshop could not be an exhaustive presentation of MapFish since the size and the different features provided by the framework, but aims to be an introduction for beginners.


P. Mauduit, A. Abt.
Camptocamp France SAS

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