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The INSPIRE directive ( aims to create a pan-European Union (EU), spatial data infrastructure. This will enable the sharing of spatial information among public sector organisations and better facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe. The directive requires that common specifications are adopted by EU Member States in a number of specific areas, such as Metadata, Data and Network Services. INSPIRE Data Specifications cover many areas such as for example Cadastral Parcels, Addresses and Hydrography and are published as GML (3.2.1) Application Schemas. Specifications for INSPIRE Network Services include the use of the Web Feature Service (WFS) for query and download of INSPIRE-compliant data.

In order to adhere to INSPIRE specifications, EU member states will need to transform local national data to INSPIRE Application Schema data. This transformation may include coordinate transformation to ETRS89 (EPSG:4258), the CRS required by INSPIRE. Within EU-funded projects such as ESDIN and EURADIN best practices for these challenges are jointly developed. These practices include approaches to data and coordinate transformation with both free and closed software.  

This talk is about successfully using FOSS(4G) for implementing INSPIRE by the Dutch Kadaster within The Netherlands. XSLT, GDAL/OGR and PostGIS were used to transform Dutch national data into INSPIRE-compliant data, served as Application Schema GML through the Deegree WFS. In our approach we use offline transformation from Dutch local data for Cadastral Parcels (BRK) and Addresses (BAG) into an INSPIRE-based data model in PostGIS. On-the-fly transformation from data in PostGIS is realized through the Deegree WFS Application Schema support. We have also planned to use GeoServer (v2). A description of our work can be found at:

We think that our approach to INSPIRE is reusable within other EU member states. We hope to share ideas for a possible joint (OSGeo?) project.


Just Van Den Broecke - Just Objects B.V.
Ebrahim Hemmatnia - Dutch Land Registry and Mapping Agency


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