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 gvSIG Mobile is the gvSIG version for mobile devices like PDAs, smartphones and tablet PCs. It’s GPL and it developed in JAVA.

Before this new release, gvSIG Mobile included shapefile, GML and KML editing, ECW raster file format display, overlays, GPS location, POI and tracklog storage, custom forms for atribute editing and so on. 

But from the first pilot was released, the gvSIG Mobile team have been working on the 1.0 version with a more mature software architecture and a bigger set of functionalities.

This new version, uses a new UI lightweight framework, is modular and extendable using OSGI, has advanced styling (including labeling), a lot more of editing functions, a new and extendable CRS system, a new location framework, a more complete POI and routes storage and search and much more.

And the most interesting change is that the mapping core is common with gvSIG desktop so now is easier to migrate plugins from gvSIG desktop to mobile and vice versa.

At the presentation we will explain the new architecture and show how those new functionalities work.


Javier Carrasco - Prodevelop. gvSIG Association.
Juan Lucas Dominguez - Prodevelop. gvSIG Association.
Amelia Del Rey - Prodevelop. gvSIG Association.


Download the slides in PDF version