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OpenScales is an Open Source mapping framework designed to build Rich Internet Mapping Applications that will run on all kind of devices :
 - Mobile : OpenScales has been designed to run on Flash 10.1 compliant Smartphone like Android 2.x and Windows Mobile 7 devices thanks to its pure ActionScript 3.0 core
 - Web : OpenScales 1.2 is based on Flex4 / Flash 10 platform, targeting more than 90% of current web browsers under Windows, Mac and Linux
 - Desktop : desktop mapping application based on OpenScales and AIR 2.0 could be useful to manage offline mode, open local files like shapefiles, etc.

One year and half after the beginning of the project, OpenScales community is growing and one of the main Flex based mapping client. It is used for major websites like the french presidency website :

This presentation will cover OpenScales 1.2 new features including :
 - Unified development for mobile/web/desktop target based on Flash 10.1 runtime
 - Open Source development stack (Maven, Hudson, FlexSDK, FlexUnit, FlexPMD)
 - GIS format and protocols supported : WMS, WMS-C, WFS, OpenLS, KML, shapefile
 - How to break current web client limitations : free zoom levels, rotation, full vector rendering
 - Performance benchmarks between OpenLayers and OpenScales
 - 3D support demo
 - How to add dynamicity to OpenScales SWF compiled Flex maps
 - How to build enterprise grad mapping applications thanks to OpenScales and Flex 4

More info about OpenScales:

The presentation will be done by Sébastien Deleuze and Aurélien Barbier-Accary, OpenScales founders and lead developers.


Sébastien Deleuze - Atos Worldline
Aurélien Barbier-Accary - Atos Worldline


Download the slides in PDF version