Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics Conference FOSS4G 2010 Barcelona

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Free and open source software for GIS has evolved a lot from last years, faster than privative alternatives and now every FOSS4G expert has several very good tools to use on desktop PCs and web.

The mobile field is a bit different and few experts are using free and open source mobile GIS, despite of good applications exist. Last years with the appearance of Android OS phones a new wave of map applications have been developed. 

At this talk, different mobile GIS applications will be analyzed, compared and tabulated. 

The objectives are:

- To provide a detailed list of FOSS mobile GIS applications

- Find how far are free and open source software from privative alternatives

- Help to choose the best tool for every project 

The main aspects of the comparison will be: functionality, complexity, customizability, formats compatibility and performance and the applications compared will be: ArcPad, gvSIG Mobile, BeeGIS, TangoGPS, Google Maps Mobile, gvSIG Mini, Layar and others.


Miguel Montesinos - Prodevelop. gvSIG Association
Javier Carrasco - Prodevelop. gvSIG Association


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