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T-08:  How to generate billions of tiles using distributed cloud-computing

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Whenever possible, caching tiles is a great way to improve performance of geospatial applications and to save server ressources. On the other hand, tiles may take a lot of time and CPU cycles to create.  

This tutorial aims to describe the tile generation process, with software like TileCache or GeoWebCache and to describe the usage of Cloud Computing infrastructure to parallelize and speed up the tile generation process. Usage of Cloud Computing for the storage of large number of tiles will also be presented.  

Attendees will be able to test practically the tile generation by using the TileForge framework developed by Camptocamp.

  Comprehension of TileCache/GeoWebCache and/or Amazon's scripting (aka boto) will make the experience more comfortable.  


O. Christen, C. Moullet, F. Van Der Biest.
Camptocamp SA

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