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Boost Geometry is a general purpose library written in C++ providing concepts, components and algorithms developed for solving computational geometry problems. Boost Geometry is a generic library implemented using modern and portable C++ generic programming techniques and built upon foundation of C++ Standard Library and Boost C++ Libraries.

Generic and modular design of the Boost Geometry library kernel as well as agnostic approach achieved for coordinate dimensions and coordinate systems of geometry objects promises degree of scalability and extensibility. Rich set of geometry models delivered already by Boost Geometry can be easily complemented through adaption of user-defined geometry types according to concepts defined by Boost Geometry. Users can also extend existing set of algorithms.

Boost Geometry project introduced and adapted a concept of extensions. Extensions are dedicated mainly for developing domain-specific tools based on Boost Geometry kernel.

Originally, the library was developed by Barend Gehrels and Bruno Lalande and published in 2008 as Generic Geometry Library (GGL). Mateusz Loskot joined the project in 2009. In October 2009, the library was submitted to Boost project with request for formal review. In November 2009, Boost Community accepted the Generic Geometry Library to the Boost collection under the name of Boost Geometry. The library is available under the terms of Boost License.

The presentation is supposed to give accessible introduction to design and applications of the Boost Geometry library.


Mateusz Loskot - Cadcorp Ltd.


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