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Just as we are all getting used to working with Javascript and HTML when creating web-based GIS applications, comes along the newest addition to the OSGeo family. As Google introduced interactive maps to the public, OpenLayers has demonstrated what could be achieved when using the full power of the browser. Now, again, the bar must be raised in order to lift the web GIS world to the level of the thick client desktop systems.

Geomajas is an end-to-end solution for creating web-based GIS applications, where a strong server-side focus allows for data integration, security, and optionally even rendering to be done server-side, without having to interfere with the client. This keeps the client as thin and performing as possible.

Moreover the choice to use GWT, results in a single enterprise development environment: Java. No more trying to figure out why your application works in one browser, but not in the other. No more trying to find a way to debug for every single browser you want to support. No more having to look for people able to develop in one language client-side, and then another language server-side.

This presentation introduces the new Geomajas technology, as well as why it's different from other software products. From there on, we will discuss architecture, technological choices, and future developments for the web GIS world as a whole. What are the consequences from shifting focus from client to server side. Why should we not just throw a stack of known open source software poducts on top of each other, have them talking to each other through open standards, and hope for the best?



Pieter De Graef - Geosparc