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OSGeo is umbrella to several web mapping software projects. These can be separated into libraries, dedicated web mapping packages and developer frameworks. Each of them have specific application scenarios and address different use cases.

At one point every operator has to take a decision for one project. This decision will also take aspects into account that are not addressed here including strategic parameters, internal know-how and availability of service providers. 

We will focus on differentiating four well established software packages from within OSGeo and put them into a context. The projects selected for this typification include:

* GeoMajas
* Mapbender
* MapFish
* OpenLayers

Other OSGeo projects with web mapping components include deegree, MapGuide open source and to a lesser degree MapServer and GeoServer. These packages are not included in this typification because their scope is different. 

The presentation will be split into a high level introduction with historical and organizational background and a more technical section that gives a deeper insight into the potential use case for each software. One important aspect will be the integration of the two commonly used JavaScrip libraries jQuery and Ext.

In a short summary of the findings it can be said that OpenLayers is a comprehensive JavaScript library that can be integrated easily by any web developer. OpenLayers also forms an integral part of many other software packages. The software Mapbender additionally to web mapping also comprises a server back end designed to manage OGC resources and includes user management, monitoring and access control. MapFish is a developer framework designed for geospatial web integrators and equipped with a diverse set of programming language interfaces and a RESTful API. GeoMajas (is not quite clear at this point) may be described as a fully integrated web application software focusing on standalone SDI applications.


Christoph Baudson - WhereGroup GmbH & Co. KG
Arnulf Christl - Mapbender
Astrid Emde - WhereGroup GmbH & Co. KG


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