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GIS data is not static. Even without considering the move of the tectonic plates which form the surface of the earth, is is unlikely that data is read-only during its lifespan. The data will change, and still the users expect to have consistent view on the world. Using transactions in your GIS data store is often no solution as editing and approval may take a long time to finish.

This talk discusses some options about versioning your data by investigating how this is handled in various systems and looks at some of the implications for the applications and user experience. It looks at the inclusion of versioning of your data, the use and application of business processes and business rules and the effects on scalability.

Presenter :

Joachim Van der Auwera is part of the lead development and architecture team for the Geomajas open source web GIS framework and has many years of experience building enterprise applications with a focus on quality and maintainability.


Joachim Van Der Auwera - Geosparc


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