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During soccer matches a number of doubtful situations arise that cannot be easily judged instantly. This case study presents a web-based GIS application that displays a soccer match in real-time.

The application was developed by DFC Software Engineering for the BIPS™ project (Ball Intelligent Positioning System). It's purpose is to be able to analyse in real-time, the position of all soccer players on the field, or playback at a later time. During such a recording, relevant events such as goal, ball out, offside, etc. are also detected and reported.

The application was developed using the Geomajas framework, allowing an easy way of drawing the players, referees and balls on the playing field. This application also demonstrates how the Geomajas framework can be used to apply business logic based upon geographic relations on-the-fly between different objects.

In this presentation we will discuss which issues needed to be solved and discuss the design decisions which were made. Subsequently we will focus on some real-live situations where dynamic GIS data triggers the need for business logic.


Oliver May is developer and lead of the GIS team at DFC Software Engineering, a Belgian software company which specializes in GIS applications. He took a role in the early development of Geomajas and has several years of experience in building tailor made GIS software using this framework.

Joachim Van der Auwera is part of the lead development and architecture team for the Geomajas open source web GIS framework and has many years of experience building enterprise applications with a focus on quality and maintainability.


Oliver May - DFC software engineering
Joachim Van Der Auwera - Geosparc


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