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Ecologists have struggled with environmental data management issues for many years now. It has become urgent to focus on building the technological solutions required for a more modern and efficient process of data collection, exchange, and analysis.

To address this issue, Natural Solutions is starting an ambitious open source effort based on other open source components such as OpenLayer, MapServer, PostGis and Adobe Flex. The ecoRelevé platform aims to allow data definition, data gathering and data visualization in different components. Such a split in functional requirement will allow different user community to access and use different component at their own level.

The three ecoRelevé components, i.e. Concept Portal, Data Portal, and ecoRelevé Local will be designed respectively to manage protocols and taxonomies, to store and visualize observations on a map and provide online and offline data entry.

As part of the ecoRelevé platform, we have created a mobile solution, named Pocket eRelevé [3] designed to replace the old pen and paper method on field data surveys. Observation data are automatically structured and associated with GPS points. Data will be exported automatically to the ecoRelevé Data Portal for visualization.

The previous version of this platform, named eRelevé, and Pocket eRelevé are currently used to collect, structure, and record biodiversity data by the Emirates Center for Wildlife Propagation (ECWP) a Research and Conservation project, created by His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan with the aim of ensuring the restoration of a sustainable wild houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulate).

We plan to enrich these solutions with a decision support system making the ecoRelevé platform a fully integrated toolbox for conservation projects.

[2] A demonstration video is available here:


[3] Download it here:

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Olivier Coullet - Natural Solutions
Amandine Sahl - Natural Solutions
Julie Chabalier - Natural Solutions
Olivier Rovellotti - Natural Solutions