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For many projects it's important to have an own map server either because one needs reliable and fast webservices or because there is a need to have individual map graphics or contents.

OpenStreetMap-in-a-Box is a dedicated server software which imports semi-structured OpenStreetMap (OSM) data and stores it in a pure geo-spatial (relational) database model. It keeps its base data in sync with the original OSM hosts. It is highly configurable, offers high availability of well-known geographic web services and is based on proven software components. As of now this is a read-only database. Updates need to be fed through the usual OSM software and hosts.

The OpenStreetMap-in-a-Box software consists of following tow main parts:

* A converter (Java) which imports OSM data and stores the relevant part of it in the database (PostgreSQL/PostGIS) in a geospatial, relational database schema.
* A spatial information server with geographic web services (GeoServer), like WMS, Tiling/Caching and WFS (read-only).

OpenStreetMap-in-a-Box was designed to be ready-made "out-of-the-box"(hence its name) including default schema mapping (from OSM to the geospatial database) and portrayal configurations. The software has been developed in several theses since 2009 and seems to be mature enough to be released to the public as open source.

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Stefan Keller - Univ. of Applied Sciences Rapperswil Computer Science


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