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  Drift-X WPS is a scientific project for coupling of an environmental model dedicated to pesticide atmospheric dispersion modelling, and advanced Web GIS techniques. This project includes several years of research at University of Montpellier 2 and Cemagref on atmospheric dispersion of pesticides and fluid dynamics. It was also finalized through a research collaboration between Cemagref and Osaka City University on the Web GIS aspects. The main goal of Drift-X  WPS project is to be able to setup and run the original Drift-X model on the server-side and to map its results with the Internet browser only.

The original Drift-X model was coded in Fortran 77 by University of Montpellier 2. Drift-X is able to calculate windflows with a small number of wind points measurments, and according to the local topography provided by DEM layers. Then, the pesticide cloud is calculated according to the simulated windflow and depending on user parameters about phyto-treatments. It allows to forecast the trajectory and the position of a pesticide cloud in a georeferenced framework.

Drift-X WPS is based on the use of ZOO Project ( for scientific computing. This application uses Drift-X Fortran model as a ZOO Service, thanks to the Fortran support in ZOO. ZOO Kernel is used to execute a set of five webservices composed of Fortran code,  GDAL commands and various python scripts. On the client side, the ZOO API is used to set up and launch the webservices chaining and the atmospheric dispersion simulations are mapped with OpenLayers.



Nicolas Bozon - 3LIZ
Gerald Fenoy - GeoLabs
Venkatesh Raghavan - OsakaCity University
Bijan Mohammadi - Université Montpellier 2
René-Luc D'hont - 3LIZ

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