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ENVISION <> is an European project (FP7) follow-up of the SWING project <>, adopting and extending its results. It provides an ENVIronmental Services Infrastructure with ONtologies that aims to support non ICT-skilled users in the process of semantic discovery and adaptive chaining and composition of environmental models as web services.


The project considers two use cases. On the one hand, landslides hazard and risk assessment, at the French department of Guadeloupe. On the other hand, oil spill risk analysis, at the Norwegian coast. Specific portals for each use case let the users view the model results on a map, or to subscribe to models to get notified. The individual components needed to interact with the computer models are implemented as open source Portlets. In the end, designing a new website to run environmental models will be a simple matter of configuration of portlets downloadable from a central repository.


At FOSS4G, we would like to present the use of various open source tools within ENVISION (including Liferay, deegree3, 52n SWE products, OpenLayers, Geotools, Geoserver, etc.) and introduce a new open source initiative by which the project developments will be available to the public.


Alejandro Llaves Arellano - Institute for Geoinformatics
Patrick Maué - Institute for Geoinformatics


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