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W-06:  Solid Web Mapping with Python 

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Python is becoming a solid development platform for the web and the geospatial domain.  One of the advantages of Python for developing GIS applications is the number of high-quality tools it counts in the geospatial domain. Examples include Shapely [1], Mapnik [2], GeoDjango [3], TileCache [4], Python bindings for OGR/GDAL [5]. This workshop presents a number of Python tools, libraries and frameworks, and shows how to use them together to create solid and efficient web-mapping applications. More specifically, the workshop covers the Shapely and GeoJSON libraries from the GIS Python Lab [6]. It shows how to use these libraries together with SQLAlchemy [7] and its GIS extension, GeoAlchemy [8], to create HTTP web services in an application developed with the Pylons web development framework [9]. The workshop then teaches how to use MapFish [10] to make the development of GIS web services easier. Finally the workshop demonstrates how to secure tile accesses by pluging TileCache in a MapFish application and making use of repoze.who [11] and repoze.what [12] for the security layer.



É. Lemoine, B. Binet.

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Éric Lemoine and Bruno Binet are senior developers at Camptocamp and specialize in open-source web-mapping with OpenLayers, GeoExt and MapFish.

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