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KEY WORDS: Cadastre, WMS, Geobase, Mapserver

Citizens looking for cadastral information, are frequently limited to printed cartography. The government of Puebla developed GeoPuebla in order to publish Cadastral information online. The main obstacle besides technology was finding the right methodology.

GeoPuebla source information is structured on a Geodatabase, so everybody can consult up-to-date information online.  GeoPuebla uses the latest open source technology for online geographic information services.

The portal provides three services according to its intended audience; Metropolitan, Regional and Cadastral. There is information available at different scales and level-of-detail including tabular, raster and vector data. Raster information consist of quickbird satellite images and orthophotos. Information includes touristic information, cities, transportation, educational, government and heath services. Cadastral information is used in local offices.  Each layer of information is also available  in the Web Map  Service WMS standar for experienced users.

Methodology used involved structuring tabular, vector an raster data in a Geodatabase, benchmarking of open source and commercial geographic information servers. The final configuration of the service include an HP Workstation with Windows Server 2000 running an Apache Server (v2.2), Mapserver 5.2 and pMapper 3.1 for maps.

GeoPuebla is a successful project that publish geographic information from a Geodatabase, uses Web Map Service, metadata is available for each layer published . Open Source software is robust enough to support publish of massive amount of information, vector an raster data.

Instituto de Catastro del Estado de Puebla-GeoPuebla :


Ricardo Raúl Flores Hernández - Instituto de Catastro del Estado de Puebla
Luciana Estrada León - Instituto de Catastro del Estado de Puebla