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Built on top of the established embedded database SQLite, SpatiaLite provides a full featured SQL API with an open spatial file format. The SpatiaLite library adds support for geographic objects to SQLite, much like PostGIS for the client-server database PostgreSQL.

Following the OGC specifications for geometry formats (WKT, WKB), SpatiaLite offers functions like ST_AsText, ST_GeomFromText , ST_Area, etc. The integrated GEOS library provides a full set of geometric operations. Other features are:
* Storage of multiple tables and indexes in a single database file
* Built-in shape file import and export functions
* Coordinate transformation via integrated PROJ.4 Library
* Character set conversion with built-in GNU libiconv
* Access to external shape files and text files as virtual tables
* Libraries for raster data and networks
* Command-line and GUI tools

SpatialLite is already supported by various Open Source GIS tools. QGIS offers nearly the same editing and analysis capabilities as with shapefiles and PostGIS data. OGR/GDAL,  FDO and GeoTools, the data access libraries of many GIS applications, also include drivers for SpatiaLite in their current versions.


Pirmin Kalberer - Sourcepole


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