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This case study shows a solution with PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Geoserver, and OpenLayers to remote sensing and monitoring. This Web solution is based on open source geospatial, using OGC standards, integrated to a remote sensing monitoring system developed by CPqD and Eletronorte with the funding of Brazilian government for research and development in electric energy. The remote sensing system consists of an array of sensors and cameras to monitor operation conditions in transmission line towers to mitigate power outages.

Besides geospatial open sources software, other open source components also composed its three-layer architecture model, such as Ext-JS, Richfaces, jQuery, EJB 3.0, Hibernate Spatial, JPA, and log4j.

This successfully installed solution describes transmission line assets in detail, locates its access points, and monitors conditions in the vicinity of tower in order to keep track of aggressive factors that cause degradation. It enables preventive actions in transmission lines towers, whenever they are needed, and therefore reducing interruptions in power lines. This solution allows a power company to analyze, in real time, the tower transmission degradation, vandalism occurrences, pollution caused by birds, and atmospheric discharges supported by geospatial system. It will reduce the company’s operational costs demanded by maintenance of transmission lines and will prevent power outages.

During the architecture design phase of this project, it was essential a pre-test phase to evaluate more than one open source software candidate for each part of this architecture. The resulting choice is that accomplished to meet the project needs in terms of international standards adherence, architecture evolution, performance and compatibility to other architecture components, as well as the commitment of their community in development, evolution, and support.

The open source geospatial made possible areas with few resources to enhance their operations and to improve their decision making process though spatial enabled application.



Lin Tzy Li - Fundação CPqD Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações
Mirian Ellen De Freitas - Fundação CPqD Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações