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Projects or great detailed representation studies by means of maps require a large number of sheets. Tools to generate automatically series of maps are a great progress in order to deal with the development of these works. However, printing maps is not the most optimum in environmental terms and many times these series of maps are few consulted. The high volume of information on paper can be uncomfortable in order to contrast information, make consults and in many cases are expendable. On the other hand, in addition to the resources assigned to the paper format it is necessary to take into account that some decisions about the visual characteristics of the maps (color, scale, framing) may not meet to customers requirements.

In these last years of work in CartoLab, we have seen that handing in geographic projects by means of Geographical Information Systems has many advantages. A customized GIS can be prepared to show a lot of data in a easy way. That kind of tool allows to consult all the information without any previous knowledge about GIS. Besides, they can see the data in different scales, change the colors or even add new layers with other interesting information.

This article tells about our experiences using GIS systems to improve handing projects while saving a lot of paper.


Francisco Alberto Varela García - Universidade da Coruña
Gonzalo Martinez Crespo - Universidade da Coruña
Juan Ignacio Varela García - Universidade da Coruña
Adrián Eiris Torres - Universidade da Coruña