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AGI SDI Server is a custom remastering of Debian Lenny (version 5.0.2), bundled with the best system management tools, spatial (geo-) data processing libraries, deployment containers, on-line data distribution services and web mapping interfaces. It is a complete Open Source Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) server solution, developed by a team of experts working at the Applied Research Center of the Institute of Aerial Geodesy in Kaunas (Lithuania) under the EC FP7-SPACE-2007-1 project "Geoland2 - Towards an Operational GMES Land Monitoring Core Service".

A distinctive feature of AGI SDI Server is that it is a highly customized system with a completely pre-installed setup of standard Debian Linux operating system and SDI software with pre-configuration of all SDI elements - including even database containers - which makes it a fully functional out-of-the-box solution for powering large-scale SDI deployment, based on Open Source operating system and software technology. All system libraries and applications  are available from Debian 5.0.x repositories, and there are no system components which would be "locked" to a certain version with pending restrictions on upgrades.

AGI SDI Server features a complete set of tools and applications for effective and user-friendly management of the Linux system, it's users and databases, as well as support of the core Internet services, including file transfer protocols, web interfaces for building SDI, web mapping projects and publishing of the on-line content.
There are several script-based SDI services activation options:
1.    LITE version (GeoServer 2.0 WMS, WFS and WCS - no CSW!)
2.    PRO version (Deegree 2.2 CSW, WMS, WFS, WCS, WPS and iGeoPortal)
3.    COMBO version (GeoServer 2.0 WMS, WFS and WCS + Deegree 2.2 CSW)
4.    CAT version (Deegree 2.2 CSW only)

AGI SDI Server 2009 ISO images and manual are available for public download at


Gediminas Vaitkus - Intitute of Aerial Geodesy