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NavTable is a gvSIG extension that allows the management of alphanumeric data in a comfortable way. Despite of its simplicity it offers several features that give itself a versatile use and it is very helpful for users. The special feature of NavTable is that represents each element in a row, separating the attributes by columns. Besides from its graphical interface it is possible to navigate through the alphanumeric and geographical data by means of buttons. It is also very extending since its central panel can be exchanged with personalized forms in a easy way.

NavTable has been developed by CartoLab (Cartographic Engineering Laboratory of the University of A Coruña) as an answer to the specific requeriments of the our own GIS technicians. Since it has been released, under the GPL license, it has been a great success in the community and is situated at the top 5 of more downloaded projects in the European forge OSOR. NavTable can be considered as a interesting case since is a tool that has been getting better and upgrading thanks to the participation of the comunity and after a year it has become in an official module integrated into the gvSIG project.

In this article it is explained the creation process of NavTable, its evolution and how it has reached to be a gvSIG official extension.


Juan Ignacio Varela García - Universidade da Coruña
Pablo Sangiao Roca - Universidade da Coruña
Francisco Alberto Varela García - Universidade da Coruña