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Recently, in the open source GIS arena, have appeared tools and initiatives specifically designed and targeted to urban planning. This is “LocalGIS” or “Urbanismo en Red” case, which are tools driven from within spanish government administration. In fact their development are promoted through the use of free software.

Within this group of applications, open source tools designed specifically for the management of territorial information on the urban planning, is framed the idea that in this summary is presented.

One of the most important and complex part of a system like this is the one about extraction and analysis of information that has been stored in it. Important because it is the moment that fulfills its main function; complex because the urban planning information is computationally difficult to structure. Usually this kind of data has many topological spatial and semantic relations. Moreover, usually the mapping precision is acceptable for traditional representation in the form of paper maps but do not provide acceptable precision for digital representation according to the complex data models required for the necessary GIS applications who manage them.

GIS Engine Rule Extraction and Analysis Data Models Information for Urban Planning aims to be responsible for the latter task.

It is a computerized procedure based on:

- Any number of planning.

- A data model in a corporate database that holds them.

- An area either wholly or partly belonging to the field of planning.


- Extract detailed urban planning data of how each area affects the surface.

- Identify matching errors in the digitalization of the different planning.

- Identify inconsistencies between the semantics content.

It will be used “LocalGIS” as the data model because it is a consensus model and ongoing development and implementation in many spanish municipalities.


Carlos M. Navarro Aguilar - SAIG
Pedro Silleras Aguilar - URBASSISTANT