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LocalGIS is the Open Source Territorial Information System for Local Public Administrations (County councils, City Councils, Communities) developed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Spain. By using the county council cartography, LocalGIS allows georreferenced municipal management and offer on-line georreferenced information services to citizens.


LocalGISis a scalable system which complies with the most relevant international standards regarding geographical information. LocalGIS covers the need of local administrations of having a free cartography management software which enables a quicker and effective access to information at a lower cost, increasing thus the municipal efficiency, not only in aspects related to the internal management but also in services offered to citizens.


LocalGIS is structured into several modules for Municipal Management (Urban Planning, Infrastructures, Patrimony Management, Cadastre, Work Permissions...) and Citizen Services (street maps, points of municipal interest, patrimony information, urban development plans...).


LocalGIS-DOS is the new official version of LocalGIS, which will be available at July 2010, and includes new modules that improve LocalGIS. It includes a new module of Routing for routes and areas of influence calculation. The new Mobility module will enable the processing of municipal information from mobile devices, with tools for editing and viewing the information and for central database replication management.


LocalGIS-DOS will enable simultaneous management of several municipalities that share common interests, Supramunicipal Entity, for the joint management of layers, styles and users. This new version also includes automatic management of the Time Variable in layers, allowing users to select the information by dates to enable geo-referenced time studies and time versioning of maps. It also includes a new City Management Module for civil engineering works located on public ground space. It will also include improvements to access external databases, ciphered communications, digital signatures for documents and improved report-generation.


Carlos J. Fuertes - COTESA
Juan Lopez - COTESA