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A prototype for open source indoor location has been developed. The aim is to allow a user to see his/her position over a map on his/her phone even entering inside buildings and even if the buildings are not his/her office or home.


A basic scenario has been implemented: a user with an Android device starts the GPS Location Agent and automatically signs up on the Location Server. As new GPS locations are received they are sent to the Location Server and the user can track his location on gvSIG Mini. When a user enters a building, a Bluetooth Agent on the entrance discovers the device. The discovering and the agent data is sent to the Location Server who notifies the Transformation server and converts the data into coordinates and a map resource (the URL of a tilecache layer on the map server). Finally the indoor location information is sent back to gvSIG Mini. The user is able to view the floor plan and his/her position. As the user is moving, other bluetooth agents can discover the device, and the position on gvSIG Mini is updated automatically.


The system consists on different modules:


Bluetooth localization agents to track devices.

Location server allows devices and users to report their position to be stored into a database and processed by an event triggering software.

GPS Location agent is a background Android service capable to send GPS locations.

Transformation server converts indoor location of bluetooth agents into a coordinates and viceversa.

Finally a tilecache map server is able to serve indoor building plans.


Future work can be made on provide different localization mechanisms such as: WiFi triangulation, RFID, accelerometer estimated locations… 


Miguel Montesinos Lajara - Prodevelop
Alberto Romeu Carrasco - Prodevelop
Vicente Sanjaime Calvet - Prodevelop
Amelia Del Rey - Prodevelop