Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics Conference FOSS4G 2010 Barcelona

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This presentation demonstrates the feasability and pssible fields of application for GRASS GIS on embedded computing platforms. This is demonstrated using the Cisco NSLU2 NAS hardware with Debian as a testbed. While embedded environments are often limited by reduced computing resources and hardware constraints in comparison to desktop computers, they provide clear advantages in physical size and power consumption, allowing for deployment in remote or otherwise challenging environments. The availability of FOSS GIS on these platforms allows for innovative applications. This includes the long-term recording and decentralized processing of data streams provided by environmental sensors with immediate quality checking and production of derivative map products. The constrains imposed the hardware platform resemble the state the art computing environments in the early days of the GRASS GIS project in the last millenium. It is demonstrated that GRASS' modular structure and configurability still provides full GIS functionality in such limited environments. The presentation shows sample applications such of cusstomized GRASS GIS including the special conditions which are encountered on embedded systems.  


Peter Loewe - RapidEye AG