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GNU Sqltutor is a web based interactive tutorial of Structured Query Language (SQL). Sqltutor is implemented on the top of a relational database system PostgreSQL. The project consists in part of a C++ program released under the GNU General Public License. The sqltutor program is a CGI script that selects SQL questions from its database, checks the answers and evaluates the final score. The second part of the project is a free collection of SQL questions and answers representing SQL tutorials.

The aim of the paper is to describe geospatial-enabled version of Sqltutor as a web based interactive tutorial of PostGIS. This version of Sqltutor is able to process spatial SQL queries and to display results in tabular or graphical form. Sqltutor also comes with a collection of spatial-oriented SQL questions and answers in the frame of spatial SQL tutorials based on OpenStreetMap data.


Martin Landa - CTU in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Ales Cepek - CTU in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering

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