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LEOWorks is a free educational open source application for inspecting and analyzing satellite images, distributed by the European Space Agency (ESA). This is the image processing tool used for teaching and demonstrating Earth Observation techniques within the European Earth Observation Web Site for Secondary Schools - EDUSPACE, created by ESA. The current version (LEOWorks 3.0) is being rebuilt as platform independent, avoiding recurrent high licence fees. In addition, much higher flexibility and a more efficient use of the limited computing resources, typically occurring in schools (and universities), will become possible. The software is flexible so to allow addition of modules for advanced processing for university level use. The open-source modular design of LEOWorks 4.0 will allow members of the user community to easily add new functionality and tools, as plug-ins/modules, and to link it to external libraries. LEOWorks 4.0 provides tools for reading, visualising, analysing and processing raster and vector data for Earth Observation applications. It is developed in Java as an open source software to be released under a GPL license.



Francesco Sarti - ESA/ESRIN
Steffen Dransfeld - ESA/ESRIN
Florin Șerban - ASRC
Ion Nedelcu - ASRC
Claudiu Buciu - ASRC
Vasile Crăciunescu - ASRC
Ștefan Constantinescu - Faculty of Geograpy - University Bucharest