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In this story, we have two protagonists. 

A worker of GIS department and the “Big enterprise”.


Our first protagonist is a young graduate. He works in a big company 8 hours by day.


In "The Big Company" are working a lot of workers like our first character. There are different departments, organized by directors of departments who divide them in smaller departments with other chefs... but most of these departments come to the GIS´s one to order a map for new projects. The workers of the GIS department have time to create these maps but not for other tasks, like actualizing the Data Bases of current projects, or just producing other products like thematic maps for other processes or decision makers.


The director of the GIS department has a problem, because the maps of the evolution of the year are not made when his chefs are asking for the map. And they start thinking "well, there must be a problem in maps production!" So they ask for workers why they didn’t do it. All the workers of the department answer: "because we don’t have time with all the map and information requests of all the departments!”


The director of the GIS department organizes then a meeting in the service to ask for solutions, and all the workers point for a web mapping solution. He decides then to create a petition for the IT department to find the best solution.


Our worker starts thinking about an Open source Solution, and start reading about the possibilities and options. Meanwhile, the IT department starts the process of setting the requirements and the limits of the work.


The worker starts to develop a simple Open Source Solution in a memory stick at home.


The “Guerrilla Strategy” starts!



David Martinez Morata - Thinking GIS