Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics Conference FOSS4G 2010 Barcelona

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Environmental monitoring is a fundamental process in design, construction, operation and decommissioning phases of large structures, as highways, roads, bridges, airports, railroads, dams, and reservoirs.

In general many different actors are involved in the process; between them: the owner (public or private) of the large structure; the planning, construction and operation managers; the environmental teams executing the environmental monitoring; the government department or agency which is which is responsible for protecting the environment and the health of the population and finally the policy-makers.

The environmental agency itself is composed by various domain experts dealing with different aspects (air, water, soil,…). The most of collected information refers to space and time and therefore GISs are the natural tools to be used for storing and processing the data. Nevertheless instruments, people and communications are involved throughout the process and many potential cases of failure, waste of time and unnecessary cost can appear.

A web platform based on OGC geo-web services and allowing for sharing and processing the sensor and geographic information greatly improves the all process. The presentation will discuss and show an example of such a kind of solution, where it is possible to mash-up geodata (maps and orthophotos) from different sources and to visualize and analyze the sensor data both with respect to time and space. The platform, built by Politecnico of Milan and ARPA Lombardia (the Lombardy Regional Environmental Agency), is completely based on open standards and open software.



Marco Negretti - Politecnico di Milano
Maria Antonia Brovelli - Politecnico di Milano
Gianluca Giori - ARPA Lombardia
Mauro Mussin - ARPA Lombardia