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SEXTANTE is a Java geoprocessing library used by desktop GIS such as gvSIG and OpenJUMP, and geoprocessing servers such as 52N WPS server. SEXTANTE currently includes more than 260 geoalgorithms and a set of graphical elements for executing those algorithms. GRASS is the leading free GIS project, with a large set of modules for spatial data management and, specially, geospatial analysis. This paper present an extension to the SEXTANTE interface that integrates GRASS algorithms into it and allows users to seamlessly call them from any SEXTANTE graphical component (toolbox, graphical modeler, batch processing interface, etc.). SEXTANTE is used as a front-end to GRASS, making it easier for users with no previous GRASS experience to access the powerful capabilities of this GIS. 


Victor Olaya - Universidad de Extremadura
Juan Carlos Giménez - Universidad de Extremadura