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               The satellite images are the main source of information on renewable natural resources and their applicability is closely related to the use of GIS’s programs.

The freedom to use satellite imagery is the ability to be can use GIS programs and get the image itself. The freedom for people using a satellite image tends to be full when we have no costs, ie, we need not pay for the use of GIS and satellite imagery.

One of the difficulties of working with renewable natural resources is to know what are the existing satellite images in the study area, where the search process and evaluation of image quality tends to be slow.

This work seeks to facilitate the use of satellite images, available for free by Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE), through the developed plugins for QGIS. The plugins are available for free on Quantum GIS Python Plugins in section of user-contributed plugins, they are, 1) Image catalog from INPE - Create grid layer (polygon vector) based on the choice of satellite and sensor and 2) Image catalog from INPE - View and order to download, to evaluate image quality, based on metadata and quickLook, and to make the request to download the selected images.

The use of plugins allows users to QGIS brazilians have the freedom to access the satellite imagery by INPE, smoothly, at the time it have needs and integrated into your desktop GIS environment.

These plugins has been used in the projects of the Amazon Protection System ( and exemplifies the Brazilian government policy to the adoption of free software and free distribution of satellite.


Luiz Motta - SIPAM