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‘Parks and Gardens of Figueres GIS’ is a complex project integrating GIS web and GIS desktop applications to manage and disseminate information about the conditions and characteristics of the urban vegetation of the city of Figueres (Catalonia, Spain).


It is the result of an initiative of the City of Figueres and Fisersa Ecoserveis SA, the public entity responsible for managing various environmental services in the city. The proposed objective is to:


1.      improve the efficiency of the everyday tasks involved in managing and maintaining the urban vegetation of the city of Figueres;


2.      create a collaborative framework – to disseminate information and prioritize work – which is useful for technicians from Fisersa Ecoserveis SA and the City of Figueres as well as for the general population.


In order to meet these goals and interrelate these two aspects, we have designed a system of integrated management and communication composed of:


1.      A communication system:


a.      a public website to display data about characteristics of the urban vegetation making up the city. It also allows users to make their own queries to the map.;

b.      an extranet to facilitate collaboration between technicians of the City and of Fisersa Ecoserveis.


2.      A management system:


a.      a customized version of gvSIG for the management and maintenance of data and of urban vegetation;

b.      a web-based management application.



The web applications and the extranet have been developed with the following technical characteristics:


1.      Map servers: GeoServer, TileCache

2.      Databases: PostgreSQL, PostGIS

3.      Language: PHP

4.      JavaScript libraries: OpenLayers, jQuery



Rosa Olivella - University of Girona
Alexandre Busquets - University of Girona
Antoni Hernández - University of Girona