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FOSS4G presentations are 25 minute talks, with a 5 minute question and answer session at the end. Presentations are grouped into sets of three, to form 90 minute blocks, with coffee breaks separating the blocks. See the program overview for more information on scheduling.

Presenters are expected to upload a digital copy of their presentation materials (slide shows, papers, etc) to the conference web site prior to the conference.


The conference will run presentations in up to five concurrent tracks, and has room in the schedule for a maximum of 120 presentations.


Presentations should cover aspects of the use or development of open source geospatial software. Some topics of interest for this year are:

Case Studies

Relate the experiences of you and your organization using open source geospatial. Where do things work well? Poorly? What problems did you solve, and at what cost? What do you recommend for others? Why?


Comparisons between pieces of geospatial software. How do features compare? Speed? Ease of use? What do you recommend for others?


Tell about your tips and tricks for effective visualization. How do you present information in a compelling way? 3D? Cartographic tricks? Labelling and naming ideas? Graphs and hybrid map/data combinations?


What are the new developments in your open source geospatial software product? How does it work, how do people use it, what are the technical issues you are running into?

Hacks and Mashing

Have you put together something novel or cool this year? What did you stick together, how did it work, show us your gizmo!


What techniques are you using to improve collaboration between organizations and between individuals. Public geodata, collaborative data collection, data sharing, open standards, de facto standards, and more!