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W-011: Working with OpenLayers 

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OpenLayers provides a full featured library for building browser based mapping applications. This workshop will guide participants through the library core, providing the experience necessary to build interactive mapping applications. We will cover best practices for dealing with a variety of raster and vector data sources, investigate client side styling, and discuss options for integrating OpenLayers with other JavaScript libraries. 

The workshop will contain introductory material to get new users oriented, and it will include more advanced topics to keep more experienced users happy.  Workshop presenters will guide participants through excersises in five modules.  Each of these modules will include bonus topics for those that are able to work ahead of the presenters.

Map Basics - Understand how maps are created and configured.

Layer Types - Add data to your map from a variety of sources.

User Interaction - Set up controls to manage user interaction.

Editing & Styling - Focusing on vector data, read data from remote sources, allow for creation and editing of new data, and explore options for styling data client side.

Integration - OpenLayers provides the mapping core for your application. Build rich widgets with mapping functionality by integrating OpenLayers with other JavaScript libraries.

The modules will be presented by core OpenLayers developers who will be available for support throughout the workshop. Participants will be guided through exercises that result in working examples of a wide range of OpenLayers functionality. Printed materials will be provided that demonstrate advanced concepts in addition to workshop exercises.  This year's workshop will cover newly added features to the library.  


Tim Schaub, Charles David Winslow (OpenGeo)

author's bio

Tim Schaub is a Technical Lead at OpenGeo and works on front end engineering for web mapping applications. Tim is the Project Steering Committee chair for OpenLayers and has been an active contributor to the project for three years. He enjoys making improvements to the library and encouraging others to do the same. Tim has presented OpenLayers workshops and trainings at a number of venues including Where 2.0 and previous FOSS4G conferences.

workshop level


attendee's previous knowledge

Basic web development skills will benefit participants (but are not strictly required).


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