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W-09: Quantum GIS and PostGIS: Solving Spatial Problems and Creating Web-Based Analysis Tools 

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Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a powerful open source GIS desktop application.  It excels at viewing and manipulating a wide variety of GIS data and services, performing geographic analysis and preparing data for MapServer and GeoServer applications.  QGIS has an extensible "plug-in" architecture and now provides comprehensive support for using and managing PostGIS databases.  This workshop/tutorial will give students hands-on experience for applying QGIS to real-world spatial analysis problems and the development of PostGIS tools for web-based mapping and services.

The first part of the workshop/tutorial will provide a brief overview of the QGIS interface and then have students run various GIS analysis tasks to solve real-world problems, access WMS and WFS services and create a MapServer configuration file.  After a short break students will learn how to manage and populate PostGIS databases, create their own re-usable GIS analysis tasks and how to deploy these tasks for MapServer-based mapping applications.  Time permitting, the plug-ins for creating terrain profiles, connecting to GPS devices and performing statistical analysis will also be reviewed.

Students should have some experience with other GIS desktop applications and possess a basic understanding of spatial databases and/or "Geodatabases".  Some experience with writing SQL database queries would be helpful but is not required.


P. Wickman.
Northstar Geographics

author's bio

Paul Wickman is a GIS/IT Professional with 15 years experience in applied geographic analysis, web application development and database design.  Through Northstar Geographics Paul has provided GIS services to the private sector, all levels of government, universities and non-profits.  Although focused on environmental management, utilities/facilities and public safety, Paul also serves the non-profit conservation community.

workshop level


attendee's previous knowledge

Use of desktop GIS and basic understanding of spatial database or "Geodatabase".

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