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W-05: Introduction to the Mapbender Geoportal Framwework 

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This workshop gives an in-depth introduction to the software Mapbender, a managed, web based geoportal framework. Mapbender is implementing the publish / register, find, bind, execute paradigm for geospatial data.
The focus of the workshop lies on building web mapping applications with distributed Spatial Data Infrastructure components and how to manage user access. All this will be done by using Mapbender's administration interfaces, without the need to modify any source code.
The Mapbender client side is based on HTML, JavaScript (jQuery and jQuery UI), the server side relies on PHP and PostgreSQL/PostGIS.
The introduction will also give a brief overview of the project history, development team, infrastructure, productive environments and scope of use. During the course the following topics will be covered:

  - create web mapping interfaces (add/remove/customize jQuery widgets and customize styling with the jQuery UI Themeroller)
- upload and share remote OGC WMS (Capabilities caching)
- arrange uploaded WMS for overlay, editing layer visibility, order, format, caption
- edit and extend service meta data (ISO profile) based on Capabilities document for catalog with CS-W interface, connect remote catalogs, and optionally connect to GeoNetwork opensource
- upload and configure WFS to search, find and highlight geo objects
- bind transactional WFS with WMS to enable online digitizing (with cross service snapping functionality, geometry manipulation like splitting, combining, cloning)
- create users and groups, share and grant access to services and modules
- restrict user access with the OWS security proxy module via trusted servers and encrypted protocols
- monitoring, status notification and auto-update service for remote OGC services
- deploy OpenLayers clients from the Mapbender service repository
- print high-quality maps using your own PDF templates


A. Emde, C. Baudson.

author's bio

Astrid Emde is part of the Mapbender Developer Team. She is an active member of OSGeo and especially the german local chapter FOSSGIS e.V. She lead several workshops and presentations on Mapbender, MapServer, GeoServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS and OWS, for example at FOSS4G, FOSSGIS or AGIT. She co-authored the german edition of Tyler Mitchell's book 'Web Mapping Illustrated'. Have a look at

Christoph Baudson is chair of the Mapbender project. Since graduating from computer science, he has been enthusiastic about web based open source geospatial applications. He has mentored several students during the past Google Summer of Code events and has enjoyed the company of fellow OSGeo coders at fairs and code sprints. Feel free to visit him at

workshop level


attendee's previous knowledge

Users should have a basic understanding of distributed spatial data infrastructures.


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