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W-03:  Setting up an OpenStreetMap rendering toolchain

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This workshop will walk the participants through getting raw OpenStreetMap data, rendering map tiles with Mapnik, and displaying them with OpenLayers. They will learn how to install and configure a mimic of the main OpenStreetMap toolchain, using the same technologies, that can be later customised to render other datasets. Installing this tile rendering  toolchain is not as straightforward as installing GeoWebCache or TileCache, but it offers high performance and better flexibility than SLD-based renderers. The OSM rendering toolchain consists of the following technologies; all of them will be covered in the workshop:
* PostGIS
* osm2pgsql
* Mapnik (manual rendering)
* OpenLayers
* mod_tile (high-efficiency tile serving and on-demand rendering)
* Custom Mapnik stylesheets (XML, Cascadenik, Spreadnik)
Participants should have basic proficiency in Linux administration and command-line tools; ideally having installed Apache and worked with the GDAL and OGR utilities. Participants should also have used a basic configuration of OpenLayers in the past, and know how to load and read data from a PostGIS database.


Iván Sánchez Ortega (OpenStreetMap España), Dane Springmeyer (Mapnik)

author's bio

Iván is a vocational computer sciencist, and has been active in the OpenStreetMap project since 2006, entering data, developing software and, most of all, increasing awareness about the issue of map data licensing.

Dane Springmeyer is a programmer and cartographer working to advance open source tools for collaborative mapping and data visualization. He's an active contributer to the OpenStreetMap project, a lead Mapnik developer, and works on range of projects that use new technology to address social and environmental problems and aid in disasters.

workshop level


attendee's previous knowledge

Linux command-line tools (GDAL utilities); basic OpenLayers and PostGIS usage.


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