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W-02:  gvSIG 1.9 user workshop

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The main objective of the workshop is to show the new features included in the last stable version of gvSIG desktop (1.9). Also a brief introduction on, the main collaborative web portal of the gvSIG project.
This workshop is a short version of an existent 12 hour long workshop Contents
gvSIG 1.9 introduction
Vector layers symbology: legends and symbol editor
Vector layer labelling
Raster features
Other new extensions
Introduction to web portal


Jorge Sanz (Prodevelop - gvSIG Association), José Vicente Higón (Software Colaborativo - gvSIG Association), Victoria Agazzi (Prodevelop - gvSIG Association)

author’s bio

Jorge Sanz is a Cartography and Geodesy Engineer since 2003 and GIS Consultant in Geospatial technologies at PRODEVELOP since 2006. After a short period as a researcher and lecturer at UPV he's being working in PRODEVELOP as a developer and analyst on GIS web and desktop projects. Nowadays he's also part of the gvSIG Technical Steering Committee and its coordinator and he is in charge of the incubation process of gvSIG in OSGeo. He has also experience training on FOSS4G technologies (web mapping, desktop and mobile GIS) and published a book on web mapping in 2005.

He's Charter Member of the OSGeo Foundation, member of its Incubation committee as well as part of the Boards of Directors of the Spanish language Local Chapter of the OSGeo Foundation.

workshop level


attendee’s previous knowledge

GIS deskotp applications: types of data, basi geoprocessing and layout editing.


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