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W-01: Web mapping with GeoServer

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Attendees will learn how to load, publish, and share geospatial data with GeoServer.  Discussion will include navigating the GeoServer user interface, loading and publishing data, OGC web services, and styling data with SLD.  Also showcased will be Styler, a browser-based graphical style (SLD) editor.


Andrea Aime, Mike Pumphrey (OpenGeo)

author’s bio

Andrea is an expert geospatial technologist with specialties in large data systems and spatial data analysis algorithms. Over the past 10 years, Andrea has been a leader in major open source software projects, including GeoServer, Geotools and GRASS. Andrea is a long time GeoServer developer and a member of the GeoServer Project Steering Committee. His interest in GIS stems from their unique applications across the whole IT field, and he is partial to open source software because of the great communities.

Mike Pumphrey has been working in technical support for over a decade, from his college media lab and system administration to the retail world. Though not a programmer, he well-suited to translating difficult concepts for both technical and non-technical audiences. At OpenGeo, Mike is the co-architect of a complete rewrite of the GeoServer documentation, as well as frequent author on the GeoServer Blog.

workshop level


attendee’s previous knowledge

Familiarity with basic GIS concepts and using the command line is suggested.


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